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Ibanez > EM-5 (Soundtank Series Echomachine) w/Original Packaging

Ibanez EM-5 (Soundtank Series Echomachine) w/Original Packaging

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Average: $98.29 6.75
Low: $90.99 1


"This unit was one of the first to use digital technology with a distortion circuit to emulate analog delay. When Guitar Player magazine originally reviewed this pedal, they referred to it as an analog pedal, but were corrected by Ibanez that it was actually a digital pedal. This pedal pioneered what has become commonplace with digital delay pedals emulating analog, and although one of the first, considered by many to be the best. They were made from 1997-1999."

"Amazing Echoplex emulation in a compact form. Unit has three internal trim pots, which can be tweaked and adjusted to further enhance sonic and tonal possibilities. Pedal will self-oscillate and will do all the sci-fi and spaceship sounds."

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