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Ibanez > DFL (Digital Flanger) w/Original Box

Ibanez DFL (Digital Flanger) w/Original Box

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"Much sought after -- these Japanese made pedals were the first digital series for Ibanez. The exclusive IDPC (Ibanez Digital Processing Conversion) system permits wideband, brighter flanging effects previously available only with rack-mount digital processors."

"The DFL also features an extra wide 8:1 sweep ratio for deeper, wide-ranging flanging effects. The DELAY MODE switch selects one of three delay ranges while the DELAY TIME control adjusts the delay within each range. As a result, the flanging action is tunable over a wide range of sounds."

"Basically you get all the usual flanger sounds but also a pretty decent chorus effect (by reducing the width of sweep). Also works well as a chorus effect for a bass guitar. The 'envelope' setting provides some amazingly crazy effects."
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