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Ibanez > AD-80 (Narrow Box) w/MN3005 Chip

Ibanez AD-80 (Narrow Box) w/MN3005 Chip

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"The vintage 1980 Ibanez AD-80 Analog Delay guitar effects pedal. This rare version features the highly coveted MN3005 chip, the early production narrow box and an 18v power supply requirement."

"This first generation AD-80 is sonically superior (in some opinions) to those which came afterward and contained the MN3005 chip found in (some) Boss DM-2s, Electro Harmonix Memory Man delays, and (perhaps) all vintage analog delays."

"Produced in limited quantities with respect to the abundance of the large-box varieties, this particular version has become quite rare and highly sought after."

Here is a great website for very accurate information on vintage Ibanez effects.
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