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Guyatone SV-2 (Slow Volume)

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"The SV-2 volume swell pedal by Guyatone, made in Japan, discontinued model. From the Micro Effects series, footprint is less than 3" x 4", takes up less space than a Boss pedal. Sound is very similar to the Boss Slow Gear SG-1 pedal -- but without the $300-$400 price tag."

"Essentially an envelope filter pedal, it has two controls: Speed, which controls how fast the volume swells, and Threshold, which determines how hard of an attack triggers the volume swell."

"Use it to simulate feathering the volume knob so that each note or chord swells into being from nothingness, and to simulate reverse tape effects. Quite sensitive to picking dynamics. Usually placed  first in the pedal chain (like most filter pedals) for best results. Good for guitar, bass, or keyboard."

"The SV-2 Slow Volume pedal pretty much acts as a foot switchable volume swell pedal as if you were rolling your volume knob forward on your guitar. You can adjust the speed of the swell and also the threshold."

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