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Guyatone > PS-101 (Rolly Phase Sonix) w/Original Box

Guyatone PS-101 (Rolly Phase Sonix) w/Original Box

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"This rare Guyatone Phaser has a number of versatile settings, including the industry-standard phaser tone. Turned completely counter-clockwise, the depth knob clicks, and has a "reverse-phase" tone. At 12 o'clock there is an auto-wah tone. The rest of the parametric sweep offers various phasing tonal capabilities."

"Turned completely clockwise, the speed knob offers a warbling tremolo-like tone. This is a unique phaser, unlike other cookie-cutters. From phasing to "reverse-phasing" to tremolo-like warbling, this Guyatone is far above other mass-produced phasers."
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