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Guyatone > PS-025 (Touch Overdrive) w/Original Packaging

Guyatone PS-025 (Touch Overdrive) w/Original Packaging

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"From the 1980s and made in Japan with level and overdrive (gain) controls to set the overdrive. The overdrive reminds me of something like a combination of the old MXR Dist+ and the vintage Electro-Harmonix Graphic Fuzz (with the EQ set flat)."

"At low gain it makes a nice boost and also sounds great for bluesy lead tones. At higher gain it takes on a fuzzy edge and when cranked up (3:00 on the overdrive control) it gets pretty extreme. It thins out the same way a Dist+ does at maximum gain".

"The dynamics control, set at its minimum position (to the left), is just a standard overdrive. Turn it to the right and the overdrive becomes less compressed -- very dynamic and responsive (hence the 'Touch Overdrive' name)."

"The final control is release and it sets the threshold of a noise gate circuit. Set all the way up (to the right) the gate is off and turning it down helps remove any noise. Very handy if you have the gain set high. Turning the release control down (so it is working harder) you can even create some 'spitty', gated fuzz-like sounds (depending on how the other controls are set and the signal you feed into it)."

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