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Guyatone > PS-019 (Phase Shifter) w/Original Box

Guyatone PS-019 (Phase Shifter) w/Original Box

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"High quality pedal made in Japan during the 80s. Lots of options for altering your sound with rate, depth, and resonance controls. Can be subtle or very much in your face depending on the depth setting. Rate goes from a barely detectable sweep to super fast and trippy. To my ears the resonance control alters how pronounced the vowel-like character of the phase modulation sounds. Something I especially like on this phaser is that it doesn't add any changes in tonal coloration or weird ring modulator sounds when you turn the rate up, unlike my vintage Ross Phaser."

"Because of the weird artifact on my Ross, I never turn the speed past 3/4, but on this Guyatone the whole range of every knob is usable. The Guyatone does not get the crunchy/slightly overdriven tone of my Ross Phaser; it's cleaner but definitely analog. Works equally well with battery or AC. This is a great sounding phaser and very rare."

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