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Fulltone > Fat-Boost FB-2 w/Original Packaging

Fulltone Fat-Boost FB-2 w/Original Packaging

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High: $99.99 7
Average: $82.05 3.25
Low: $65.25 2


From the original sales listing -- apparently now out of production:

"The Fulltone FatBoost2 FB-2 is a Class A 100% JFET design that offers excellent headroom before clipping. The pre-clipping Bass Control helps you keep your sound tight when using the rhythm pickup and the Treble Control lets you control the sparkle of the top end or brown it up for more aggressive tones. The FatBoost 2 also performs double duty as a natural compressor, as well as offering a bit of Tweed-like tones with the Drive control. Take control of your tone with the FatBoost2!"
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