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Fender DGL-1 (Digital Delay)

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High: $150.00 18
Average: $90.65 8.33
Low: $39.08 1


"Great pedal -- almost reminds me of analog delay in that it has lots of character and is not sterile as most digital delays seem to be. The pedal is not noisy. The delay can go from minimal echo volume to a delayed signal that is louder than the original (you can completely cut out the original signal if desired)."

"As a digital delay it sounds very good and clean. Max out the feedback control and you get crazy buzz saw sounds. The range switch is the bomb! With range adjusted to the longest setting, get a signal into the delay, then quickly flip the knob to a shorter range and then back -- instant craziness! And different every time you do it! (Yes, I do enjoy space noise!) The real time tweakable nature of this effect is where it shines."

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