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Electro-Harmonix > Sovtek Small Stone (V1) w/Original Box

Electro-Harmonix Sovtek Small Stone (V1) w/Original Box

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Edited from an ebay listing:

"After Electro Harmonix went bankrupt in the USA in 1984 they emerged in 1990 when Mike Matthews ramped up a new production line in Russia. At that time the ongoing conversion from a military economy to consumer economy helped facilitate his effect and tube business. The units produced in Russia were slightly larger than their USA counterparts and were labelled as EH/Sovtek. The Sovtek was a brand name Matthews came up with for the tube production line he started in Russia. Today it is one of the largest tube suppliers in the world. The first Soviet version of the Small Stone was an army green unit and for the first time utilized an LED. The circuit is not identical to the USA version but does employ five CA3094E OTA chips."

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