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Electro-Harmonix > Sovtek Big Muff (1995) w/Original Packaging

Electro-Harmonix Sovtek Big Muff (1995) w/Original Packaging

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As these appear on ebay they are rarely dated but this one was. It is worth noting that these (1995 models) apparently were of more quality construction than the rolled and folded steel muffs that came along later. This version has the heavy steel chassis with a ridge around the case. My experience has been Sovtek Muffs are commanding high prices regardless of what year they were manufactured as long as they are green and good working condition. I just thought this was an interesting bit of dating that usually does not appear with the average muff listing. Anymore from this year will be added in this section. Here is someone who has really done their homework on the history of all Big Muffs.
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