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Electro-Harmonix > Electric Mistress (V2) (1976-1977)

Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress (V2) (1976-1977)

Sales Trends (20 most recent)

  • Price
  • Bids
High: $474.00 44
Average: $327.46 11.88
Low: $212.50 1


Many thanks to Ralf, who maintains the "Electric Mistress Mystery Page" for sending me a link to his website. All of the information below was gleaned from various sources on the Internet as well as eBay listings. As it turns out, not surprisingly I guess, there are many iterations of the Electric Mistress and Ralf has a comprehensive guide found here.

When circuit board photos are included in sales listings that indicate a definite Mistress from 1976 final sale prices will be added here. Also, it appears as though the 1977 version was pretty much identical to this version.
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