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Electra > 606-AD (Analog Delay) w/Original Carrying Pouch

Electra 606-AD (Analog Delay) w/Original Carrying Pouch

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"Can get that 'Shine on You Crazy Diamond' sound and it adds a nice touch to a Hendrix sound and other Blues. The only sound problem is when the repeat is cranked all the way up it feed backs and becomes unusable. Other than that there are no sound issues, no tone suck, no problems. The reverb on the Blues Jr. sucks so the 606-AD adds a nice dimension to my sound that the reverb just can't do."

"This one [may/would be nice to have a photo that shows that this is true] features the following chips: JRC4558, BBDs MN3102 and MN3205 and the NE571N. It is most likely from the mid-1980s. A great solid sounding delay."

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