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DOD > Overdrive Preamp/250 (Reissue)

DOD Overdrive Preamp/250 (Reissue)

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Some great insight into the differences between a vintage yellow 80s DOD Overdrive Preamp/250 and the 1990s reissue. My photo illustrates this in a side-by-side comparison.

"The way you can tell (vintage 80s from reissue 90s) is that the zero in "250" on the reissue is oval. The originals, have completely round, circular zeros."

"Contains the KA4558 op-amp."

In fact, the typography is dramatically different between the two eras with the reissue having a "sans-serif" font and the 80s version using a "serif" font. The typeface is much bolder on the 80s version too. Apparently early 90s reissues were made in the USA before production was moved to Asia in 2000.

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