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"From 1997 the DOD G-28 "Ice-IT" solid state guitar amplifier. 2x8" speakers. Built-in DOD Chorus. Spring reverb. Clean and Drive Channels. Made in Sandy, Utah. The clean channel is great. Like a lot of budget amps, the drive channel is so-so. Chorus and Reverb sound good."

"Specs say 60 watts, but I'm not so sure about that. Maybe 2x15 watts or 2x20 watts. Anyway, it's good for practice and sounds good at low volume. You can play and watch TV. Sounds best if placed on a plastic crate or something similar. Weighs 19 lbs. Dimensions: 20x12x8."

  • 2-8" speakers
  • 60 watts (maybe?)
  • Reverb and chorus
  • 2 channel, clean/dist
  • Separate clean vol/dist gain and vol controls
  • Pedal jack/external source jack/headphone jack

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