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DOD > FX-80B (Compressor/Sustainer) (Early 1990s) w/Original Box

DOD FX-80B (Compressor/Sustainer) (Early 1990s) w/Original Box

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"The compression on this pedal is of a softer type, similar to a Maxon -- transparent tonal enhancement and not very much noise. It's not dead silent -- but it's a compressor -- they all create a bit noise so you'll have to expect that. For clean sounds, it creates an evenness to the sound with a nice initial attack that is great to play with. It is wonderful for chord playing -- it will sound more balanced and flawless."

"There is also the sustainer, a very effective tool in itself, especially while playing at lower volumes. The notes ring for a very long time, very cool. If you like playing with distortion, you'll have the option of pretty much infinite sustain. You can create searing lead sounds, a la Carlos Santana, if you use this pedal with a good over driven tube amp."

"It is not true bypass, so you can expect a little bit of tone sucking, but it does not bother me very much. I love it for country playing, works great for those snappy cascades. I don't like it with any kind of distortion though -- but then again I don't ever like compression on a distorted guitar tone."

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