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DOD > FX-70P (Big Pig Fat Distortion) (1999)

DOD FX-70P (Big Pig Fat Distortion) (1999)

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High: $89.88 14
Average: $75.72 10.5
Low: $61.57 7

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"The hard-to-find FX-70 Big Pig Fat Distortion. The graphics and paint job on this pedal are a scream -- it is flat "pig" pink with a few curly cues like a pig's tail."

"If you like grungy high-gain distortion that gives you plenty of boost, you'll go for this pedal. You can wheeze, snort and generally get a tone as dirty as knee-deep mud."

"Features active switching for noiseless operation and die-cast metal construction that can take abuse. High-gain distortion with lots of bottom end. Die-cast metal case construction and runs on 9V battery or optional adapter."

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