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DOD > FX-35 (Octoplus) (1990s)

DOD FX-35 (Octoplus) (1990s)

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High: $55.00 11
Average: $33.89 4.17
Low: $17.15 1


"Creates a note an octave below the note being played, very similar (in sound and design) to the much loved MXR Blue Box. Unlike a digital pitch shift, the FX-35 tracks the note being played and synthesizes a square wave an octave lower, resulting in a classic vintage octave drop sound. The tracking is quite good with the occasional warble which only adds to the character of the box."

"Three controls for octave level, tone (affects the octave signal-darker and bassier to one side, brighter with the bottom rolled off to the other) and direct signal level. Runs on a 9V battery or an 1/8" negative tip 9V power supply."

"Great bass guitar simulation or generate very cool dual octave sounds which sound great with distortion. Very easy to find on eBay at a great price."

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