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DOD > FX-33 (Buzz Box) (1994-1996) w/Original Adapter

DOD FX-33 (Buzz Box) (1994-1996) w/Original Adapter

Sales Trends (20 most recent)

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High: $178.17 14
Average: $169.22 8.67
Low: $157.50 2


"One of DOD's noise-only pedals."

Four knobs:

  • Heavy (Bass, 2 octaves down)
  • Buzz (Distortion)
  • Thrust (Level)
  • Saw (Treble)

"This is similar to the MXR Blue Box but with more balls. The Buzz Box rips, farts, screeches, swirls, spatters, chugs, cuts out like a stopping motorbike, buzzes, does syth tones, dual octaves, mess, sizzle, whine. What more could a noise head want! Even the president of DOD wondered why anyone would want such a pedal."

"This pedal has been really popular and sought after in the past year or two. There is definitely a reason for this, but in my opinion it does not live up to the insane hype that surrounds it. It's just a really crazy, chaotic distortion with the added ability to dial in some octave-type sounds."

"The low ("buzz") and high ("saw") controls offer decent control over the EQ. The level ("thrust") knob makes the pedal sound totally different when set at lower settings, so experiment. The reason this pedal is so popular, though, is the blend ("heavy") knob, which adds glitchy, synth-y octave sounds to your signal. The combination of the insane distortion and octave sounds make this a must-have for sonic destruction -- too bad it regularly goes for twice (or even three times) what it is realistically (in my opinion) worth."
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