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DOD > FX-17 (Wah-Volume)

DOD FX-17 (Wah-Volume)

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"The FX-17 offers three different functions, a "WAH-WAH" effect, a volume control pedal, and a 0 to +5 volt control pedal. The WAH or the volume control is selected by a push switch located on the side of the pedal."

"The FX-17 is an "industrial strength" pedal. Using proprietary techniques, this wah/volume pedal does away with the strings and mechanisms that wear out, internal lights that burnout, or pots that become scratchy. When the foot pedal is rocked all the way back to the "wah" mode, a switch is depressed bypassing the WAH effect."

"The 0 to +5 volt output is for use as a synth controller pedal or other devices that require a voltage control. The FX-17 is battery or A.C. adapter powered, and built of heavy gauge steel to last a lifetime."
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