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DOD > DFX-94 (Digital Delay/Sampler)

DOD DFX-94 (Digital Delay/Sampler)

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High: $118.88 18
Average: $65.09 5.56
Low: $42.00 1


"A great sounding pedal for the money and a very cool effect. Sampler has delay times ranging from 250ms to 4 seconds. It has Infinite Repeat; Sample Record; and Trigger Modes. In Sample Mode a phrase is recorded and can be played back each time you hit the foot-switch."

"You can get loops going in the Infinite Repeat Mode and slow them all the way down to a low pitched rumble. Some interesting sounds can be made by repeatedly hitting the switch and adjusting the delay speed control. You can even run two in a chain for some great effects."

Technical discussion found here with a review found here.
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