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DOD > 680 (Analog Delay) (V1) w/Script Logo & Original Packaging

DOD 680 (Analog Delay) (V1) w/Script Logo & Original Packaging

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Low: $406.67 14

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"This version of the 680 sports the old cursive lettering and normal/PA switch. Apparently the PA switch position changes the impedance so it doesn't load down the guitar signal or overload the circuit as easily. On normal there is a volume drop but PA not so much. The switch is not on the newer models perhaps because the volume drop was corrected with circuit upgrades (I am only speculating)."

"It has two separate outputs (local and remote) with completely separate mix knobs. You can dial in one amp 100% dry, the other 100% wet, one 75% wet, the other 75%  dry and so on. The repeats are very dirty and the oscillation is crazy as these early versions contained the Reticon R5101 (may not be considered a BBD IC, anyone know for sure?)."
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