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D*A*M 3-in-1 Custom Tone Bender

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I do not claim to be an authority and the copy below was taken and edited to help make my site more interesting. I suggest using this as a starting point and doing your own research or even better use the DISQUS section to add interesting and more accurate details on this effect.

"This was advertised as a custom tone bender ordered directly from David Main in 2005 and received in July 2005. It's an MKII circuit loaded with OC81Ds and a 1966 circuit loaded with Mullard OC76s and AC128s."

"A rotary switch -- switches between three different flavors of the tone bender fuzzes (MK1.5 and MKII) which share level and attack knobs. The level switch has a built in battery off switch that clicks when you turn it all the way down thus cutting battery power."

"This effect is a slightly modified super bee."

What a price!

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