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Colorsound by Sola Sound Electro Echo

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"The extremely rare 1979 Colorsound Electro Echo analog delay pedal by Sola Sound produced in extremely limited quantities, this pedal is virtually non-existent, and impossible to find."

"Made in the Sola Sound Edgeware factory, this impossible-to-find delay is consistent with other concurrently made pedals, in that, it sounds incredible. With an elaborate circuit and high-quality components, this analog delay was purposely designed to produce a rich tape-echo inspired delay. Unlike an Ibanez AD-80, this 18v powered delay has rich, dark, grainy, retro, authentic, tape character."

"Offered alongside the “new and improved” large box line of 22+ pedal models, this pedal was produced in extremely limited quantities in an effort to establish Colorsound as the largest producer of guitar effects. While this was not necessarily realized (as Electro Harmonix produced a much more vast collection of pedals), the Sola Sound brand is held with utmost regard."

"The exterior aesthetic is identical to that of a Colorsound Dipthonizer. Both feature a dark brown paint finish, with a tannish-orange control panel. Dated May 17, 1979, this pedal features numerous chips from mid-late 1978. With three self-explanatory controls, the exterior knobs are designated as “Repeat, Delay Time, and Level.” The circuit board reveals an additional four trim pots, which further adjust and manipulate the effect. Although it has two separate compartments for 9v batteries, this is one of few Colorsound pedals that also features an 18v power supply socket."
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