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Boss (Compact Effects) DB-5 (Boss Driver)

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"The DB-5 Driver was part of the first Boss pedals from the mid 1970s and is the not-so-commonly seen brother of the CE-1 Chorus Ensemble and DM-1 Delay. The DB-5 Driver is a combination 3-in-1 effect unit offering Distortion + EQ (or Octave fuzz), Compressor with EQ, or plain EQ function."

"The Octave Fuzz is remarkable for its sound. This is NOT a nice, smooth, tame sounding effect. The DB-5 also has a function switch to select Compressor and EQ which is where I found more user-friendly sounds."

"Even the Compressor isn't nice or 'transparent' -- if you want that, seek elsewhere. The Compressor function seems to increase Sustain as much as anything else,  and it teams fairly well with other effects, fuzz, wah, flange and so on."

More information on this effect can be found here.
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