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Arion > DDS-1 (Digital Delay/Sampler) w/Original Box

Arion DDS-1 (Digital Delay/Sampler) w/Original Box

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Low: $69.00 1

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"The controls on this unit are standard fare, level, repeat, delay time. The tone control is a nice feature, but has little real effect on your tone. The mode switch which allows you to choose four different delay times while in delay mode."

"Fairly similar to the Digitech PDS 20/20, but unlike the Digitech there is no dropout of the signal when switching between delay times on the Arion. So when switching from a very short delay time to -- say two seconds -- it has the effect of stretching out the previous delay."

"The repeat control should be full clockwise for best results. The sampling function is pretty standard, but still useful. Definitely recommended if you can find one."
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