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Thomas Organ Cry Baby Wah

Unknown source

"The Crybaby was originally introduced by Thomas Organ in 1967 as a thinly veiled copy of the Vox V846 Wah-Wah. The first Crybaby pedals were built in 1967 at the Thomas factory in Sepulveda CA. Later that year production was moved to EME (Eko) in Italy. In 1969, the Crybaby production contract was moved to JEN of Pescara Italy."

"During the 1970s, Thomas returned production to America, first building the 95-910511 Crybaby in Sepulveda through 1977 and then in Chicago through 1980. Soon after, Dunlop Manufacturing purchased the Crybaby franchise from Thomas. Dunlop continues to produce the Crybaby today."

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