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Korg (Effects)

"The original circuits have in fact been developed by KORG. KORG used to name the boards KLM-xxx since 1977 or 1978 and they can be found in their synthesizers and effects up till today. KLM is definitely KORG. So the whole effects series and the PME-40X series (which I love to pieces) are made by KORG and Yamaha was allowed to distribute them under their own flag. In return KORG was allowed to use Yamaha technology in their synthesizers. This symbiosis went on till the end of the ’80s when KORG was finally financially independent due to the big success with the KORG M1 workstation. But that’s a completely different story."

"All in all the old analog KORG pedals are awesome. I tried a few of these and they didn’t disappoint me at all. Even the Parametric EQ is not just a tone tool – it’s capable of creating interesting sounds like cocked wah."

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