Effects Freak


Amdek effects (may have been manufactured) by Boss and (may have been) supplied in kit-form for assembly. Information below is interesting but I can't vouch for its authenticity.

"AMDEK (Analogue Music Digital Electronics Kits): Although Roland was based in Hamamatsu by the early 80s, Kakehashi established the AMDEK Corporation in Osaka. Their main product lines were small effects units and computer monitors manufactured for Roland (but not by Roland) in Taiwan."

"For a couple of years, the company proved to be surprisingly successful but, as competition mounted, Kakehashi decided not to compete with the large computer companies entering the market, and in 1983 he ceased supplying monitors, simultaneously discontinuing the effects units."

"But this was not the end for the company. Kakehashi renamed it the 'Roland DG Corporation', and then used it as a vehicle to release a range of the company's own computer and music peripherals."