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A record low eBay purchase for a Fender Blender (Reissue) w/original packaging

published Dec 18, 2010
I have watched these drop in price and tonight an all time low. Now might be a good time to get one. They are an acquired taste and some reviews indicate that there is little comparison to the originals.

All time low sale of a Maestro OB-1 octave box in great condition

published Dec 16, 2010
See the pricing guide here -- the lowest price is today's sale. Read more about the technical side of this effect here.

Boss PN-2 in fair shape goes for a record low -- get one now

published Dec 08, 2010
The classic PN-2 seems to be dropping in price. Sure to go up again because this is a great tremelo in my amateur opinion. Check out the record low price as of tonight.

A record low purchase of a Seamoon Funk Machine version two

published Nov 16, 2010
 Check out the pricing guide on this classic. This listing was in near mint condition. I own a first version of this effect and like it.

MXR Phase 90 (Bud Box) with all packaging goes for record low.

published Nov 14, 2010
I only have two of these in the DB and look at the price spread. Both of these listings were in very good condition.