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Some excellent insight into the (M-162) MXR Commande Series Preamps

published Nov 05, 2010
Thanks to srrrrfguitar for a great post on the white case version of the M-162. In six years of watching eBay I have never seen the white version. The black case version seems pretty scarce also.

Congratulations to two sellers tonight on eBay -- classic vintage effects well worth the price

published Oct 31, 2010
Two of my favorites sold well tonight -- an (M-167) MXR Commande Series Stereo Chorus and an Ibanez SD-9. Both of these are worth every penny paid (I own both). Sellers got a great price and players got an even better sound.

Check out the price spread on used, mint Jacque's Mercer Box Fuzzes

published Oct 27, 2010
I know nothing about these other than the huge price spread -- check out the pricing guide on these boxes!

Used Fulltone gear glut on eBay

published Oct 26, 2010
OCD V1s-V4s are thick as well as the MOSFET and pre-MOSFET Full-Drive 2s. Check out the pricing guide and then go get one.

Congrats to the eBay buyer who nabbed a near mint Marshall Guv'nor for a great price

published Oct 13, 2010
A near mint Guv'nor -- Made in England with all of the original packaging for $139. Check out the pricing guide on these amazing and versatile vintage effects.