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published Jun 05, 2011
Please follow me on Twitter if you find this website useful and wish to make suggestions for improvement, talk effects and sounds. Thanks.

Please consider commenting on the many effects listed on the site

published Jun 05, 2011
I simply don't have the time to add descriptions to all of these effects. I fully admit to lifting content but always edit to my liking (grammatically). So help me out here, the more information the better. Thanks.

All time low price paid for a DOD 585-A (Delay) -- these are killer -- congrats to this buyer

published Jun 05, 2011
Check out the all-time low price paid tonight. Now might be the time to get or list one. They are killer. With original power adapter -- these alone are worth $10 to $15.

An all time low on a Boss PS-2 w/Original Packaging in mint condition

published Jun 05, 2011
Check out the low price on this classic with all original packaging. Get one now!

Lucked out on a Maestro Parametric Filter the other day

published May 11, 2011
Pretty wild and rare, should hold its value I hope and sound even better. I'll post a sound clip when time permits.