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Check out the price spreads on the Boss PQ-3B (Bass Parametric Equalizer)

published May 01, 2011
These seem somewhat rare but check out the low price I just entered on this Boss classic -- the buyer got a hell of deal.

Great buy on a classic fuzz circuit

published Apr 27, 2011
Check out the great price an eBay buyer got on this Crown Super Fuzz. Another re-branded Shin-ei Super Fuzz circuit in a Crown case.

So check out what this custom D*A*M Tone Bender went for on eBay

published Apr 09, 2011
Perhaps the only one in existence ... what a price!

A DOD 555-A with original packaging goes for top dollar

published Apr 06, 2011
These are pretty good sounding and I am lucky to have one. Check out the high price this one with all of the packaging went for tonight. All time high! If you have one -- maybe this is a good time to list it.

DOD FX-40B (V2) with original packaging goes for record eBay high

published Mar 31, 2011
Are these rare -- who knows but check out the high price on this graphic equalizer from DOD perhaps from the late 1980s?