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A record low eBay purchase of an old (in good shape) Electro Harmonix Attack Decay out of Spain

published Dec 18, 2010
Check out the record low price that this buyer got on this EH classic. Shipping was $39 and it was still a major bargain.

A record low eBay purchase for a Fender Blender (Reissue) w/original packaging

published Dec 18, 2010
I have watched these drop in price and tonight an all time low. Now might be a good time to get one. They are an acquired taste and some reviews indicate that there is little comparison to the originals.

All time low sale of a Maestro OB-1 octave box in great condition

published Dec 16, 2010
See the pricing guide here -- the lowest price is today's sale. Read more about the technical side of this effect here.

Boss PN-2 in fair shape goes for a record low -- get one now

published Dec 08, 2010
The classic PN-2 seems to be dropping in price. Sure to go up again because this is a great tremelo in my amateur opinion. Check out the record low price as of tonight.

A record low purchase of a Seamoon Funk Machine version two

published Nov 16, 2010
 Check out the pricing guide on this classic. This listing was in near mint condition. I own a first version of this effect and like it.