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published Sep 29, 2011
The data on this site is a lot of fun and maybe helpful -- buyers and sellers can benefit (my opinion). Please comment or send me photos, stories -- anything interesting about effects and music. Thanks.

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published Jun 26, 2011

Welcome all international and domestic visitors

published Jun 15, 2011
Amazing traffic from around the world. We all have something in common -- music, effects and buying and selling effects. Thanks to all of my visitors -- consider contacting me with suggestions on improvement or to recommend an effect to start watching. I enter pricing data on over 100 effects a week.

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published Jun 05, 2011
Please follow me on Twitter if you find this website useful and wish to make suggestions for improvement, talk effects and sounds. Thanks.

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published Jun 05, 2011
I simply don't have the time to add descriptions to all of these effects. I fully admit to lifting content but always edit to my liking (grammatically). So help me out here, the more information the better. Thanks.