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Anyone interested in advertsing on my site?

published Feb 18, 2012
The site gets (on average) 150 visits a day from all over the world. Since going live about two years ago there have been over 4,000 visits. The visits continue to grow -- so help spread the word on Effects Freak. Contact me -- perhaps you can increase your sales? Also, any advertising must be for "effects" only.

Thanks for the tip on AuctionSieve

published Feb 02, 2012
Check out this handy eBay application at AuctionSieve.

Some points to remember when interpreting the data on my site

published Jan 17, 2012
• I am not tracking every sale price -- of every effect -- sold on eBay
• Data reflects the amount of time I have to enter it (manually)
Any thoughts on automation -- get in touch with me please
• Consider the information presented as a "rough sketch" of effects pricing
• I do obsess on (manually) entering the data accurately and as often as time permits
• Time permits is entering (manually) about 200 assorted effects sales per week
• Please consider commenting or adding photos in the Disqus section
• Make music or noise (my music is noise) -- hope the site helps you make or save money
• Did I mention that I currently enter the data MANUALLY?

A great EH Electric Mistress site for those of you interested in real research on this classic effect

published Dec 13, 2011
Check out this site and educate yourself on the many variations of this timeless flanger. I'll try and be more accurate when listing EH Electric Mistress final eBay sale prices.

Follow me on Twitter if you want to make or save money on effects

published Sep 29, 2011
The data on this site is a lot of fun and maybe helpful -- buyers and sellers can benefit (my opinion). Please comment or send me photos, stories -- anything interesting about effects and music. Thanks.