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These Nobels ODR-1 Overdrives are hot this week on eBay

published Jan 05, 2011
Check out the high price posted tonight.

Wow ... high sale on a mint Ampeg Scrambler (Reissue) with all original packaging -- eBay!

published Dec 30, 2010
Check out the price listings on this classic from 2005. The highest listing was out of Spain.

Visit the Lovepedal section of the pricing guide

published Dec 28, 2010
There are some real deals to be had on these incredible effects. Take some time to visit the Lovepedal website too.

The DOD FX-13 fad appears to be at an end

published Dec 28, 2010
A record low price today. People seem to either love or hate the "Gonkulator."

Shin-ei FY-2 with original box goes for big money on eBay

published Dec 22, 2010
Only one I have seen with the original box in over five years of watching eBay. Check it out.