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A record low purchase of a Seamoon Funk Machine version two

published Nov 16, 2010
 Check out the pricing guide on this classic. This listing was in near mint condition. I own a first version of this effect and like it.

MXR Phase 90 (Bud Box) with all packaging goes for record low.

published Nov 14, 2010
I only have two of these in the DB and look at the price spread. Both of these listings were in very good condition.

A wild clone of the Systech Harmonic Energizer

published Nov 08, 2010
I missed getting this one today. This is without a doubt the most obscure handcrafted clone I've seen in a long while. Hopefully the builder will make more of these. Check out the original version as well as the pricing guide.

New PROJECT section

published Nov 06, 2010
Tonight's project features the Univox Super Fuzz (V2/U-1095)

Some excellent insight into the (M-162) MXR Commande Series Preamps

published Nov 05, 2010
Thanks to srrrrfguitar for a great post on the white case version of the M-162. In six years of watching eBay I have never seen the white version. The black case version seems pretty scarce also.