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Consider granting permission for any photos you believe are yours (because they probably are)

published Aug 19, 2012
Always easier to beg forgiveness than get permission. Consider this. If photos appear with my pricing information and descriptions that I have done my best to edit, correct grammar and post -- is that not a good thing for all? Sellers and buyers? I have had a request to remove photos which I am happy to do. But information is power when buying and selling -- might just make the difference between an "ok" sale and a "great" sale. So you should really consider giving me permission to use your photos. I would be happy to do a short story on your business, I would include a link to your store, I would talk about how great you are on Twitter and so on. Thanks.

Two new effects builders via Twitter to check out

published Aug 01, 2012

Check out Soundsmith, Inc. -- great variety of services for amps and electronics

published Jul 03, 2012
Here is an excerpt from their homepage: "Soundsmith specializes in guitar amplification and working with musicians who desire to expand their own personal sound. We are a service center for the repair and customization of all music instrument amps and electronics. Be sure to check out our list of modifications for guitar amplifiers."

Soundsmith is also the original builder of these famous effects, the Hawk 1 being used by Rory Gallagher.

All American Brady Cases

published May 18, 2012
Check out Brady Case -- top-notch, engaging website showing an amazing array of cases for every walk of life. Best of all -- made right here in America. Support this amazing builder and the talented staff who are showing the world that we are leaders in quality innovation.

The pricing information on this site is from my tracking of eBay sales

published Mar 25, 2012
Thank you for the many requests to buy or bid on the effects listed here on the site. As a reminder the information presented here is from my tracking of final eBay sales on these effects. Currently nothing on this site is for sale. The information presented here can be used as a rough guide for buying and selling effects. I have found it to be quite helpful and I hope you do too.