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Great buy on a classic fuzz circuit

published Apr 27, 2011
Check out the great price an eBay buyer got on this Crown Super Fuzz. Another re-branded Shin-ei Super Fuzz circuit in a Crown case.

So check out what this custom D*A*M Tone Bender went for on eBay

published Apr 09, 2011
Perhaps the only one in existence ... what a price!

A DOD 555-A with original packaging goes for top dollar

published Apr 06, 2011
These are pretty good sounding and I am lucky to have one. Check out the high price this one with all of the packaging went for tonight. All time high! If you have one -- maybe this is a good time to list it.

DOD FX-40B (V2) with original packaging goes for record eBay high

published Mar 31, 2011
Are these rare -- who knows but check out the high price on this graphic equalizer from DOD perhaps from the late 1980s?

I'm sorry but I don't get the application of velcro?

published Mar 25, 2011
If an effect appears with velcro on the bottom it gets a "good" condition rating in this DB (no matter the shape). There has got to be a better and less destructive way to quickly attach effects to a pedal board. Some incredible boutique effects are appearing frequently with velcro attached. I get the whole sound over style thing but why would you slap velcro on the bottom of any Skreddy effect? I'm sure there is room for disagreement but that's my take on it.