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published Jun 05, 2011
I simply don't have the time to add descriptions to all of these effects. I fully admit to lifting content but always edit to my liking (grammatically). So help me out here, the more information the better. Thanks.

All time low price paid for a DOD 585-A (Delay) -- these are killer -- congrats to this buyer

published Jun 05, 2011
Check out the all-time low price paid tonight. Now might be the time to get or list one. They are killer. With original power adapter -- these alone are worth $10 to $15.

An all time low on a Boss PS-2 w/Original Packaging in mint condition

published Jun 05, 2011
Check out the low price on this classic with all original packaging. Get one now!

Lucked out on a Maestro Parametric Filter the other day

published May 11, 2011
Pretty wild and rare, should hold its value I hope and sound even better. I'll post a sound clip when time permits.

Check out the price spreads on the Boss PQ-3B (Bass Parametric Equalizer)

published May 01, 2011
These seem somewhat rare but check out the low price I just entered on this Boss classic -- the buyer got a hell of deal.