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Big Muff V3 goes for a record high price on eBay

published Feb 03, 2011
Check out the high price this classic brought today on eBay. My Big Muff section is confusing and I am working to tidy things up a bit.

All time low eBay sale price of a good condition Boss VB-2 tonight

published Jan 19, 2011
Check out the pricing guide on this classic and see what the low price was.

Original Ampeg Scramblers cooling off

published Jan 10, 2011
A record low eBay price on an original scrambler minus the stock bottom plate. According to the listing a modified sheet metal plate was fitted to replace the missing original. Nevertheless, a great price for a wild, vintage sound.

These Nobels ODR-1 Overdrives are hot this week on eBay

published Jan 05, 2011
Check out the high price posted tonight.

Wow ... high sale on a mint Ampeg Scrambler (Reissue) with all original packaging -- eBay!

published Dec 30, 2010
Check out the price listings on this classic from 2005. The highest listing was out of Spain.